An Unbiased Review of Travelers Insurance

An Unbiased Review of Travelers Insurance

“I’ve never heard of Travelers Insurance. What are they rated?  Are they a good company? Why are you recommending I change to Travelers?

Deciding to trust a new insurance provider to protect your home and your livelihood seems like a wild leap of faith sometimes.

You want to have as much reassurance that the insurance company you will send hundreds if not thousands of dollars to will make good on their promises.

How Can I Tell if an Insurance Company is Any Good?

This article covers the methods most people use to research a potential insurance provider. Then we present our independent, unbiased review of Travelers Insurance Company.

We offer a unique perspective of examining the experience of three stakeholders surrounding Travelers Insurance. 

We discuss our experience as an agent for Travelers. Then we hear from a Travelers Insurance customer who had a major house fire. Finally, we talk to our territory rep from Travelers to get an employee’s perspective on the company. 

Sounds Like a Lot Of Fun – I Just Want to See the Video

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I’ve never heard of Travelers Insurance, are they any good?

Brand Confidence

Several big name insurance companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars (if not a billion) on advertising each year.

I won’t name them.

You already know who they are because they

They are literally everywhere!
  • have signs on every bus stop
  • commercials on every televised sporting event
  • send you letters twice a month.

This constant barrage of advertising creates a sense of trustworthiness, in part, because the brand spends so much time in your home, whether you invited it in or not.

Getting their message into your home so frequently costs A LOT of money. Who do you think ultimately pays that bill?

Many insurance companies don’t rely on this psychological maneuver. They do some advertising on a regional or national scale, but rely mainly on promotion through local Independent Insurance Agents.

Stop Paying For National advertising

I looked online and those reviews for Travelers look pretty bad.

Online Reviews

I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re all gonna hear about it!

The online reviews for Travelers Insurance are probably pretty bad. Before you throw too many stones, go to Google and type in “{your insurance company} insurance reviews.”

Be prepared for the worst.

The fact is that most people who have a pleasant, ordinary claims experience or have a billing problem worked out to their satisfaction don’t think:

Man – that billing question was handled like a BOSS, time to tell the world about it on Facebook!

On the flip side, if a claim gets denied or a billing dispute favors the insurance company, a certain percentage of people will fan the flames of public outrage as much as possible.

Step 1 in this PR throw-down involves writing as salacious an online review as possible! Sometimes folks go to the local news. Others have banded together on dedicated websites for moral support.

The Bottom Line for Online Reviews

We can unequivocally say that the number of mundane, pleasant experiences vastly outnumber the amount of problems that would raise your blood pressure!

Even when claims are handled spectacularly, people aren’t in their best place. They just had a house fire and had to live in a hotel for a few months, or a car just got totaled – someone may have been injured! These occurrences tend not to inspire joy, even after their successful repair!

What Generates Most Negative Online Reviews

A lot of the frustration with insurance companies vented online deals with denied claims. Claims are denied when coverage doesn’t exist on the client’s policy.

Coverage can be absent for a few reasons, but insurance policies act much like computers – they are only going to do what they are “programmed” to do. Programming an insurance policy is a complicated affair.

That’s what its crucial to seek expert advice!  We can find an insurance policy to cover just about anything, if you’re willing to pay the premium.

I Don’t Want to Be Surprised By A Denied Claim!

Our Unbiased Review of Travelers Insurance

As Principal Agent – If I Wouldn’t Insure My Family With One Of Our Partners, We Won’t Represent Them!

We represent many insurance providers companies as an independent agent. Each company has strengths and weaknesses, but they are all good companies.

How do we know they are good companies? Ratings companies provide pretty strong indicators, but we put more weight on our experience as an independent agent representing partners like Travelers Insurance Company.

The Hard Numbers

Ratings Companies provide an OBJECTIVE resource to determine the financial health of insurance companies.

A.M. Best is the most well known of these ratings agencies. They perform an annual review of insurance providers financial statements.

They use those hard numbers to rate each insurer’s financial strength in regards to their ability to pay claims as well as pay their debts (corporate bonds).

In January of 2018, A.M. Best confirmed Travelers Insurance Financial Strength Rating as A++. A.M. Best confirmed Travelers Insurance “issuer credit rating” of aa+ in October of 2017.

Financial Strength of A++ is A.M. Best’s highest rating in that category. Financial Strength rating also matters the most to customers because it measures Travelers Insurance ability to pay claims.

Issuer Credit Rating only matters if you are planning on lending money to Travelers Insurance or buying one of their bonds. (aa+ is the 2nd highest rating from A.M. Best. Not too shabby, but still unimportant for a customer buying a policy. It’s more important to investors.)

These are the most recent ratings as of the original publication of this article.

My Company’s Financial Rating Is Worse Than My High School GPA – HELP!

The Independent Agent Experience

You sell Travelers Insurance, how can you provide an unbiased opinion of the company?! -Unnamed Skeptic

We represent a wide variety of insurance companies as an independent agent. Having many relationships with insurance companies allows us the freedom to not actually “sell” any of them.

We provide recommendations based on the needs of the client and the desired client profile of the insurance provider.

Our role acts less like a salesperson and more like a matchmaker.

We’re Independent – We Have Options – We Offer Choice!

We use our knowledge of our company partners ideal client profiles, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, to find the best match of coverage and rates for clients.

Travelers Strengths & Weaknesses

Here are the areas where Travelers Insurance both excels, and doesn't really shine. As Independent Agent's, we do our best to match our clients situation to the strengths of the carrier we present.
Claims Service - Travelers reacts promptly to claims reports, communicates effectively to policyholders, and pays claims swiftly. They only use claims adjusters who are employees of the company.Youthful Operators - Families with young drivers will often find Travelers Insurance company's rates challenging.
Comprehensive Policy Offerings - Travelers is a multidisciplinary insurance carrier, offering both personal and commercial lines of insurance. Travelers offers a wide array of forms and endorsements to add value to both their home and auto insurance policies. Examples include: Accident Forgiveness, Deductible Reduction, Extended Replacement Cost on Dwelling Coverage, and Sewer & Drain Backup Coverage.
History of Claims or Tickets - if you have a few claims or a ticket or two in the last few years when you are shopping for new insurance, Travelers Insurance will probably not be right for you.
Watercraft Insurance - Travelers Insurance offers an industry leading watercraft insurance program.Unbundled Insurance Plans - clients seeking only one line of coverage, just home or just auto, will miss out on Travelers Insurance's best rates and programs.
Policy Processing - bill payment, EFT, policy change and electronic policy delivery are provided at the client's discretion.
Multi-Policy Discounts - Travelers offers discounts when you have home (or condo or renters) insurance bundled with your auto, like most insurance companies, but they also offer additional discounts when you have a separate Personal Articles Floater (to insure a ring or antique), Umbrella Liability Policy, or Landlord Protection.

Can You Make Me A Match?

What its like to be a Travelers Agent.

Tools like these valuable workshop make us better agents – not just better Travelers Salespeople!

We represent a lot of insurance companies. All of our company partners support our agency operations to some extent.

Travelers Insurance goes above and beyond to provide valuable tools and resources to their independent insurance agents.

These resources are not designed to solely benefit Travelers sales. They support our efforts to grow, subscribing to the philosophy that a “Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.”

Travelers Insurance provides educational services that make me a better independent agent, not just a better Travelers agent. -Nate Bunty, CIC

We believe this detail is important to clients because the agent is the first customer of an independent insurance company like Travelers. Based on our experience of how Travelers treats us, the agent, we get a feeling for how Travelers will treat their policyholders.

We believe Travelers provides an excellent experience to their agency partners, and that translates into an excellent experience for clients!

If Travelers Insurance Company Treats Their Agents That Way –

They’ll Treat Me Great Too! 

Sign Me Up!

The Travelers Insurance Policyholder Experience

On a Friday evening in January of 2017, the clothes dryer in Joseph Giandalia’s Victorian home in Wrightsville PA caught fire.

Once the fire was put out, Joe and his wife had to find alternate accommodations because their home was not fit to live in. Joe owns a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy underwritten by Travelers Insurance Company.

“Travelers Insurance treated me very well. I am very happy with the way our claim was handled and with the work that was done to restore our home.” -Joe Giandalia

Joe told me Travelers responded quickly to his claim report. They “got the cash flowing” to him so he could pay the contractors promptly, as well as sending him checks for his additional living expenses on a regular basis.

One detail that particularly impressed Joe – his computers were restored in two short days so he could operate his HVAC business without interruption the following Monday morning!

Given the devastating nature of Joe’s claim, we’re glad that he gave Travelers Insurance five stars for their claims service.

I Need Fantastic Claims Service In My Life

What’s it like to work for Travelers Insurance?

Neal Barnaba started with Travelers Insurance Company 13 years ago as a claims trainee. He continued into property claims operations and eventually moved into representing Travelers Insurance to independent agents in Central Pennsylvania.

Neal provides company communications, marketing materials and operational support to his independent agents. He is one of our most responsive and involved company representatives from any of our carrier partners.

“The thing I like best about working for Travelers Insurance is the culture. We have a great team here in Pennsylvania.” – Neal Barnaba

Neal really enjoys the freedom of the goal orientated work environment that Travelers offers him. Despite working remotely, the company provides technology that allows corporate executives at headquarters to keep in contact with front line employees like Neal.

“I volunteer all the time as a representative of Travelers. They encourage us to be active in our community. One of my favorite groups to do work for is Junior Achievement.”

We’ve known Neal for several years, and we know that he’s worked for Travelers Insurance for a long time, and he really enjoys his working environment.

A company’s employee experience is important to their customers because if the employees are happy, then their interaction with the customers will be more positive and create more better results.

I Want Happy Employees Serving My Insurance Needs!

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoyed reading about Travelers Insurance Company in this online review. We did our best to provide a thorough examination of what its like to do business with Travelers from several important perspectives. If you have any questions – please contact us –

You can call us at 717-684-6409.

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