PA Restaurant Insurance

We Do Restaurant Insurance!

Key Elements to a PA Restaurant Insurance Program:

  • Correct property insurance – a lot of your investment, even in a leased space, will be considered building coverage. Most, if not all of your kitchen equipment will be permanently installed, and qualifies for the lower rated building insurance coverage.
  • Business Income Coverage – if your restaurant has a drastic fire, and you are closed for weeks or months, how would that affect your income? How would that affect your employees?  We can provide loss of income coverage for your business.  There are a variety of formulas to calculate the correct business income coverage amount.
  • Utility Service Coverage – what happens if the electricity goes out, but your business isn’t damaged? If you don’t have a generator, you are going to lose all of your food stock and you’re going to be out of business until the lights come back on.  If you have Fish Stick coverage – you won’t get anything from your insurance company because your business wasn’t directly damaged.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance – as mentioned above, Nate has worked in a lot of kitchens, and tended bar in a variety of environments. One constant, despite the level of sophistication of the situation, is that hospitality employees like to have fun.  Some think this fun creates a great, family atmosphere (especially given the amount of time they spend together) others may think the “fun” is a hostile work environment.  We can protect you from sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuits with EPLI insurance!

There are many more options and considerations to think about when it comes to PA Restaurant insurance.

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