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Claims Examples

I really liked Flaming Dr. Peppers when I was younger. A year or two after I discovered the drink - which did taste very much like Dr. Pepper - all of the local bars stopped serving them.

The story was that someone chipped a tooth on the shot glass in the beer as they were chugging it at a local bar.  After that all of the insurance companies made the bars stop serving them.

A chipped tooth is a pretty benign example, but that would be covered by your Liquor Liability Insurance, not your General Liability policy.

It could be much worse...

A terrible accident happened in our small town about a year before I got married.

A young lady went out with her friends and on her way home, lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a retaining wall.

One 21 year old died, another suffered permanent injuries, and the driver pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence of alcohol.

What if they had stopped by your establishment?

The Dram Shop Laws in Pennsylvania hold any establishment serving or selling alcohol liable for damages caused by a patron they served who was visibly intoxicated. If that young lady had stopped in and been served during their night out - you and your business could be held as liable as the driver of the car!

Many restaurant, bar and tavern owners think they won't get caught up in a case like this because they're very careful about who they serve.  That's a reasonable opinion to have.  Its unlikely to happen to you.

Do you really know everything your staff does during all of your open hours?

Have you ever seen them do something you didn't approve of?

Doesn't the best employee make a mistake now and then?

Liquor Liability Insurance protects you from Severe Claims not Frequent Ones.

Fatal accidents like the one I described above are infrequent, but they happen.  If it happens to one of your patrons and you get brought into the lawsuit, you're going to be  glad you have a solid Liquor Liability Insurance policy that will provide you with attorneys to protect your interests.  You will also have high limits of coverage to pay for the damages that will assuredly be awarded.

If a claim like this happens and you go unprotected by Liquor Liability Insurance, you are likely going to be ruined by the attorneys fees alone to protect yourself.

Some key coverage features to consider:

  • Defense cost - Inside or Outside the limits?
  • Assault & Battery Coverage - are you covered if someone gets hurt during a drunken brawl?
  • Location specific coverage - if you do any off-site alcohol sales or service, does your liquor liability insurance follow you?
  • Is Entertainment OK - if you have a dance floor, are there any limitations on your coverage for accidents associated with it?

PA Liquor Liability Insurance is Expensive

Liquor Liability Insurance will probably be your highest priced premium of all of your insurance policies, even more than Workers Compensation!

Insurance is a BAD DEAL - until you need it.

You may feel like you are throwing away thousands of dollars each year, until that day comes when you get served with a lawsuit.

With a solid Liquor Liability Insurance policy, you know all the hard work you put into building a client base, and a brand stands protected.

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