Life Insurance

As an independent agency, New Heritage Insurance is committed to providing our clients with the right life insurance at the right price.

Your family depends on you to provide for their needs financially and emotionally. If the worst happens, your emotional support can never be replaced, but many dependable companies provide financial protection that every family deserves.

Having the correct protection is vital to your family continuing their standard of living if you die unexpectedly. Consider your financial plan that you’ve mapped out with your investment advisor.  What happens to that plan if your spouse passes away?  What are your contingency plans?

Types of Life Insurance in Pennsylvania

Term Life Insurance – this policy lasts for a determined period of time, with guaranteed premium and death benefit, and ends entirely at the end of that period of time, with no payout if you live through the term. Some companies offer renewals at the end of the term for a much higher premium.

Whole Life Insurance
– this policy does exactly what it says it will – lasts your whole life, which means it’s guaranteed to pay the death benefit at some point.  The death benefit is usually level with this policy, but the premium payments can last for varying amounts of time and also earn guaranteed cash value.

Universal Life Insurance – this policy can have variable death benefits as well as variable premiums and variable cash values.  There are several pitfalls and opportunities that require careful consideration.

Our team at New Heritage Insurance has been providing peace of mind since 1976 for our clients. We would love the opportunity to walk alongside you to ensure you get the right coverage for your family.

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