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Symbol of freedom and independence – often one of your most important possessions – your car deserves the right coverage!

As independent insurance professionals, Heritage Insurance Agency is committed to providing our clients with the best Pennsylvania auto insurance.  For most Americans, driving is a necessary part of daily living, a lifeline to our friends, family, and careers.  Whether it’s a short drive to the grocery store or a cross country road trip – every time you hit the road you place yourself at risk.

If you are ever in an auto accident, regardless of fault, choices you make on your PA auto insurance policy have a significant impact on how your claims are settled.

Some key Pennsylvania Auto Insurance concepts:

Full Tort or Limited Tort – affects your ability to sue for noneconomic damages like pain & suffering. This important choice affects your whole family’s options in the case of a serious car accident.

Our licensed insurance professionals can help explain this concept, and the premium rates involved, so you can make the best choice.

Under-insured Motorists Coverage – you can collect from your own insurance company if your damages exceed the insurance limits of the negligent driver who caused the accident. Under-insured Motorists Coverage is important to consider because many drivers maintain PA auto insurance State Minimum limits! A premier, independent insurance agency –  Heritage Insurance Agency is a team of committed insurance professionals ready to explain all of your PA insurance options, and guide you to the policy that makes the most sense for you.

Stacked or Non-Stacked Under-insured & Uninsured Motorists Coverage – Pennsylvania Auto Insurance allows you to multiply your Uninsured and Under-insured Motorists coverage by the number of vehicles in the household.  Example – if your PA auto insurance policy has an Uninsured Motorists Coverage Combined Single Limit of $300,000 per accident, with stacking and there are three cars in your household, in the event of a claim you could get up to $900,000 if you damages warranted.
Heritage Insurance Agency represents many top rated Pennsylvania auto insurance companies – ensuring you get the lowest auto insurance rate!

You’ve seen the insurance price gun -you know what 15 minutes is supposed to get you, but the biggest difference between those nationwide insurance captive agents and direct writers is they can only provide ONE PA auto insurance option.

They have slick advertising with cute animals, cavemen, and outrageous promises to magically appear every time you recite their jingle – what they don’t offer is what Americans love most – Independence!

Heritage Insurance Agency has many insurance companies that specialize in PA auto insurance, and we’re growing.

Our core mission is to serve the client first, which means we’ll examine your needs, compare them to our insurance company partners, and recommend the insurance company with the Pennsylvania auto policy that makes the most sense for you.

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