How Batman is like a Trampoline

How Batman is like a Trampoline

Batman: Trampoline?

Carries Safety Netting, Not a Utility Belt!

Batman is usually described as a hero, a vigilante, or sometimes even a threat by those who admire him. What fan in their right mind would compare Batman to a trampoline?

An insurance professional, of course!

We often do strange things that don’t seem to make sense!

You may not believe this, but by the time I’m done, you’re going to agree – Batman IS LIKE a trampoline!


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Is Batman a Net Positive For Gotham?

The end of Batman Begins hints at Joker being CAUSED by Batman

The concept that Batman’s rogue gallery of villains exists as a direct response to Batman himself has been examined a number of times.

The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Begins, the current limited series Batman: White Knight, as well as the current story arc of Detective Comics, all question Batman’s true net effect on the city he’s devoted to protecting.

Does Batman truly protect the people of Gotham?

Or does he actually create an environment where even more dangerous villains than the small time crooks and gangsters he started off fighting can thrive – essentially making things worse?

A Good Thing Creating A Dangerous Environment

A neighbor down the street from my parents had a trampoline in their back yard when I was growing up. Guess who’s back yard was the most popular on our block?

If you guessed the trampoline back yard, you’re right! .

Sometimes we even jumped on the trampoline when the neighbors weren’t there. That trampoline acted like a vat of honey and the neighbor kids were the flies!

How we rolled in ninety-four! Safety netting – WHAT?!

None of us ever broke our necks, or even any other bones – though many tears were shed. We were very lucky that none of our body slam or clotheslines moves mimicking Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate Warrior resulted in any serious injuries.

From a Homeowners Insurance perspective, that trampoline is an ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE!

The trampoline is inherently dangerous, and creates a greater liability for the homeowner and the insurance company protecting them.

Batman is like a Trampoline because he is an Attractive Nuisance

Batman started out fighting small time crooks. Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed by Joe Chill – a normal hoodlum (not a pre-Ace Chemicals Joker as my beloved Batman (1989) indicated).

Fast forward twenty years and now Batman runs around beating up crooks. He’s above the law, and creates situations that cause super villains to exist either directly or indirectly.

A masked super hero creates an inspiration for other potential super heroes like Robin, but also inspires someone like Scarecrow or Harley Quinn to go over the edge and indulge their darkest fantasies.

Sometimes the actions of the super hero actually CREATE the villain. Joker’s origin story often involves him being chased or dropped into a vat of chemicals by Batman after a robbery.

Just like that Trampoline drew the nearby kids to my neighbor’s back yard – Batman draws in Super Villains!

“You Complete Me!”

Not only do Batman and Trampolines increase the danger present in their respective environments, but once you’ve got them, you can’t get rid of them!

Gotham is clearly hooked on Batman – their police commissioner summons him with a spotlight when things get too hairy for the cops to handle!

The kids are going to be hooked on your trampoline too – they are tons of fun!

Here are 10 things you can do to increase your backyard trampoline safety:

  1. Buy a trampoline that has safety netting at least 6 feet high and securely fastened to the entire perimeter of the jumping surface.
  2. Get a round trampoline (rectangular trampolines have dangerously high bounce).
  3. Children age 5 and under should not be permitted to jump.
  4. Adults should always supervise play, and ensure that there is only 1 jumper at a time.
  5. Do not allow anyone to bounce off the trampoline. They should walk to the edge, sit and slide off.
  6. Place the trampoline on a clear, flat area, away from other play buildings, trees or shrubbery. The trampoline should be away from any concrete or pavement.
  7. Do not allow children to play on a wet trampoline.
  8. Make sure there is a fall safe zone of 8 feet around the perimeter of the trampoline – keep this area clear.
  9. Anchor the trampoline to the ground to prevent the trampoline from shifting during use or blowing away in a storm.
  10. Carefully review all the safety manuals and materials provided by your trampoline purchase.

Why does this matter?

Batman being like a trampoline seems like a silly thing to write an article about, but I wanted to illustrate two things:

  1. Insurance professionals think about the world differently. We have our ears up, and our senses attuned to things that most people don’t consider. Its a good idea to consult one of us when making your insurance purchasing decision – you may learn something! (it might be useless, but now you’ll know, and knowing is half the battle!)
  2. Solutions to a problem often have unintended consequences. Sometimes our best intentions create results we never saw coming, for better or worse!

Saving money and increasing your coverage is often the INTENDED consequence of getting a quote from Heritage Insurance Agency!

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