4 Tips to Save Big on PA Liquor Liability Insurance

4 Tips to Save Big on PA Liquor Liability Insurance

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Liquor Liability Insurance is a necessity in today’s hospitality marketplace given the modern legal environment. You can lose it all over one bad decision your employee makes without a good protection plan. Even with that threat looming, some owners shy away from coverage. Liquor liability insurance premiums can be high.  New Heritage Insurance is here to help!

New Heritage Insurance Helps Lower Your Liquor Liability Costs!

We have access to significant discounts on insurance policies if you meet a few simple guidelines:

  1. Three years in operations with liquor liability coverage, claim free. This discount is for positive claims experience. The best discounts are not available to start-ups. A new restaurant can’t prove that they can operate claim free. If you have past experience or previously owned another bar, you may qualify for other discounts.
  2. No citations from the PLCB in the past 5 years. They look back longer for citations than they do for claims. Don’t worry, you still qualify for the discount if you’ve been in business for at least 3 years and have no claims and no citations.
  3. All of your servers are RAMP certified, not just bartenders. You get the most discounts when you properly train anyone handling food or alcohol.
  4. Join the PA Tavern Association. Our best partner Hospitality Insurance Group – provides a 25% discount to members of the PA Tavern Association. This alone can save you thousands of dollars on your Liquor Liability insurance costs.

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You Don’t Have to Change Your Operations to Qualify!

You can Party AND Save!

Notice in the above 4 guidelines we didn’t mention any change to your operations. You don’t need to end drink promotions, or cover up your dance floor, and tear down the stage or eliminate any of the other fun things your patrons enjoy. We provide steep discounts of 25% – 35% on liquor liability even if you have those “riskier” features at your establishment.

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